The Barbed Wires

Bill Noonan and The Barbed Wires are Country and Western traditionalists with rock and roll tendencies: they play old fashioned C&W with a reverence for the roots, and a dynamic creative spirit. Their approach can be compared to other bands that have explored the border of C&W and rock and roll: from way-back influences like the Byrds and Gram Parsons to more contemporary acts such as the Derailers and the Hacienda Brothers. The Barbed Wires combine an extensive repertoire touching on C&W, bluegrass, blues, and rock and roll with Noonan’s catalog of top-notch original tunes. Noonan is known as former leader of the Rank Outsiders, regional favorites in the 90s and early 00s. His more recent work is reflected on two solo albums Catawba City (2006) and The Man That I Can’t Be (2009). All of the Barbed Wires: Bill Walpole (steel guitar), Joe Williams (bass), Lee Sharpe (drums) and Chris Chandek Peace (guitar) are long-time veterans of the Carolina music scene, known among players and fans alike for their musical versatility, and their energetic and highly entertaining live performances.